Are you looking for an elegant hall to hold your child’s quinceanera? Do you want to make sure that this quinceanera is the absolute best? That’s where we can help. Here at Vivaldi, we have held so many quinceaneras at our Quinceanera venues, forging the kinds of happy memories that last forever. We offer quinceanera packages, so that you can get everything you need for the best quinceanera at the right price. Below is just some of what we offer. 

An Opulent Quinceañera Venue Tailored to Your Celebration

Embark on a journey of elegance and sophistication at Vivaldi, where our lavish banquet hall provides the perfect setting for your quinceañera. Whether it’s an intimate affair for up to 130 cherished guests or a grand celebration for 300, we offer distinct halls that cater to the unique needs of your quinceañera.

Ideal for intimate gatherings, our “Small Hall,” (a misleading name for a space brimming with love and life), exudes warmth, accommodating up to 130 people comfortably. 

Should your guest list extend beyond that, our “Medium Hall” awaits, welcoming up to 150 attendees to partake in the making of lifelong memories.

For the largest celebrations, our “Big Hall” beckons, a space created by combining both halls, boasting a capacity of 300 individuals. When you reach out to us, our dedicated team will eagerly discuss how our versatile venue can align with your vision for your quinceañera.

Indulge in Culinary Delights for Your Quinceanera

We understand the role delectable cuisine plays in a quinceanera. At Vivaldi, you can choose from exquisite dishes such as top-quality smoked salmon, beef luleh kebab, chicken alfredo, and cornish hen chicken, among other culinary delights.

Kick off your celebration with a tantalizing array of appetizers, featuring the finest Caesar salads, bread platters, cheese assortments, fried calamari, shrimp cocktail, and more. Conclude your feast on a sweet note with our tempting dessert options, including ice cream, cakes, and a fruit table. Your quinceañera, your menu – an additional touch to make your celebration that much better for all involved. 

Entertainment for Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Night

In the realm of unforgettable nights, it’s the little details that make the most significant impact. At Vivaldi, we ensure those details are perfect while also getting the big things right. With years of experience in creating magical events, we have a network of trusted professionals ready to enhance your quinceañera experience.

Should you desire it, our services extend to hiring DJs, photographers, videographers, bartenders, security personnel, and even arranging limousine rentals. 

Elevate your entrance with a literal red carpet, compile a digital TV list of your esteemed guests, showcase a screen photo slideshow, add dry ice for dance floor ambiance, and more. Your vision is our priority, and we’ll go above and beyond to transform it into a breathtaking reality.

A Luxurious Locale Conveniently Located

Recognizing that your quinceañera may attract guests from far and wide, our banquet halls are in a prime location. Situated on Glendale Boulevard, we’re easily accessible from Burbank Airport, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and beyond. Not only are our halls simple to locate, but parking is also a breeze, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all your guests

Your Quinceanera Package

If you’re ready to schedule your Quinceanera, we’re here to help. We do recommend scheduling with us as soon as you can. That way, you give yourself the best opportunity to hold your event on the date that you want, as our calendar does fill up. For the right quinceanera for your family, schedule through our site or by giving us a call.