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Menu & Catering


Bread Plater
Salsa and chips
Yogurt Cucumber
Eggplant Rolls
Spinach with Walnuts
Sriracha Yogurt
Marinated Mushroom
Vinaigrette salad
Caesar Salad

Olivier Salad
Shirazi Salad
Crab Salad
Beet and Walnut Salad
Chicken Salad
Broccoli salad
Pickled Veggies
Caprese Salad
Assorted Cold Cuts
Red bean salad
Basturma Sujuk
Assorted Cheese

Main Dish

Beef Lula Kebab
Chicken Lule Kebab
Chicken Shish Kebab
Chicken Fajita
Beef Fajita
Pork Shish Kebab
Chicken Alfredo
Cornish Hen Chicken

Hot Sides

Baked potato
Boiled Potato
Rice Pilaf
Steamed Veggies
Mashed potato
Macaroni & Cheese
French Fries
Chicken Nuggets


Smoked Salmon
Assorted Smoked Fish
Chee Kufta

Red Caviar
Black Caviar
Tuna Tartar


Backed Salmon
Short Ribs
Gavari Kufta

White Fish
Lamb Chop
Beef Shish Kebab
Baby Back Ribs


Fried Calamari
Shrimp Cocktail
Eel and Seaweed


Coffee or Tea
Coke – Pitcher
7up – Pitcher
Soda – Pitcher
Tarragon – Pitcher


Bar Table
Juices For Mix
Cups & Straws


Cut Fruits
Ice Cream
Fruit Table


Photo & Video
Dry Ice For Dance

Other Services

Hall Rental
Red Carpet
Digital TV Guests List
Screen Photo Slide Show

Our Menu and Catering Services

At Vivaldi Venues, you and your guests can enjoy our menu of various cuisines that are available for your dining pleasure and tailored specifically for your event and taste. We can provide gourmet dishes from Mediterranean, Mexican, and International cuisine. At our banquet halls in Glendale, we offer more than 20 different seafood and appetizer dishes and 9 different hot dishes all made from the freshest ingredients and presented beautifully for your pleasure. Our friendly and professional staff is specially trained to cater to your special event and dedicated to providing you and your guests with impeccable and unforgettable service.

At Vivaldi we are aware that many of these events are a once in a lifetime deal, and we strive to make it the most unforgettable experience for you and your guests while catering to your unique style and taste. Our gourmet dishes are sure to leave an impression in presentation, taste, and quality, which is why we will gladly pack up all of the leftovers for you to enjoy after your event! Feel free to inquire about our specific menu choices and services by contacting us and making an appointment.

Catering Services

At Sepan Banquet Hall & Catering we are dedicated to preparing quality dishes for gourmet menus that are sure to leave your and your guests speechless. If you are looking to host a beautiful and memorable event, Sepan Banquet Hall & Catering offers a wide range of excellent catering services and options to make your occasion a complete success. With our impeccable services you have the advantage of choosing from a wide selection of dishes from different menus which are sure to please everyone’s taste.

Our expert team of cooking professionals and friendly servers will gladly transport the cuisine to the location of your liking. Whether you are hosting a party for 120 guests or perhaps an elaborate wedding for 500 guests, you will receive our famous first class catering service from our eco-friendly and experienced team from Sepan Banquet Hall & Catering.

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Our eco-friendly title implies that the catering team at our banquet halls in Glendale meets certain standards that increase environment sustainability; for every event that you use Sepan’s catering services you are also considering the energy use, pollution, disposables, water, furnishings, and waste that go along with these services. By utilizing our catering services you’re not only provided with excellent and professional service, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing you have supported extremely important global issues because you have chosen to hire an eco-friendly catering service.

If you would like your special event to be picture perfect, Sepan Banquet Hall & Catering is the obvious place to begin your planning. Both you and your guests will savor the most scrumptious gourmet meals imaginable that will leave you craving for more. Contact us today to begin planning your next special event with us – one of friendly representatives will happily guide you through the process and make sure that all of your expectations are surpassed and everything is catered to your unique style and taste.

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