Essential Questions To Ask When You Examine A Corporate Event Venue In Glendale

December 5, 2023by Vivaldi Venues

If you’re looking for a corporate event venue in Glendale, chances are you are hosting a celebration, meeting or other get together that requires enough space to accommodate everyone on the invite list. For that reason, it’s important to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. And that’s best done by asking the following questions as you check the venues that are on your list as potential sites for the event. 

Location and Transportation

If your guests aren’t driving themselves to the venue, it’s important to pay attention to the nearby train, bus, or other public transportation stops. You may also want to make sure a taxi or Uber driver can get to the venue to drop off participants in the event. For those who are driving, it’s imperative to be sure there is nearby parking and adequate parking spots. If there is street parking, make sure it’s safe and secure for those who will be leaving their cars during the event. 

Access to the Corporate Event Venue in Glendale

Ease of access is another consideration when you choose a venue. This is especially important if you are using more than one room and your participants will need to get from one to the other, such as for breakout sessions or group dinners. For those with mobility issues, be sure there is a good way for them to get around and make sure that the distance between isn’t so great that participants are late to events and sessions. You also want to make sure the bathrooms and storage for bags and coats are easy to access. 

Food and Catering

If your corporate event includes meals or some type of food service, be sure the venue can handle catering and/or has a kitchen or food prep area, as necessary. The location of the kitchen and bar should work with the flow of your event so that the food can be set up and served without interfering with the sessions and presentations. You should also make sure there is adequate room for guests to go through the food service line and places for everyone to sit down while they eat. 

Corporate Event Venue In Glendale

IT and Communications

If any parts of your conference or event involve using technology for sound or visual presentations, you absolutely must make sure the venue can provide that. Whether it’s projection screens or speakers, be sure they are compatible with the devices you are bringing along – tablets, laptops, etc. Familiarize yourself with where the electrical outlets are so that you can decide where to set up the presentation or guest speaker. Lighting is another thing to keep in mind. Be sure it’s adequate for each aspect of the event or conference. Knowledgeable staff is also important when you host an event at a venue and you can find that and much more here at Vivaldi Venues. If you’re looking for a premier corporate event venue in Glendale, you’ll find it with us. Contact us today to get started setting up your next conference in style.