How to Create The Ultimate Christmas Party at a Celebration Banquet Hall

December 15, 2023by Vivaldi Venues

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re considering hosting a holiday event at a celebration banquet hall, now is the time to start planning your party. An office Christmas party is a good example of using a hall like this for the event. However, you can also use these tips for a family party or any other gathering to celebrate the holidays. Use these tips to throw the party of the year. 

Create a Budget

This is an important first step because it allows you to choose a banquet hall that is within your range, without sacrificing food, decorations, or entertainment for your party. Decide how much you can spend and then allocate the appropriate amount to each aspect of the event so that you don’t go broke in the process. 

Find Help Getting Ready

Delegate some of the tasks to various staff members. This keeps you from becoming overwhelmed and allows you to use the talents and skills of your staff to create an event that everyone will enjoy. 

Choose a Celebration Banquet Hall

The venue is important and it’s important to find one that can accommodate your guest list. You can then decorate that place, based on your theme – in this case, Christmas. Be sure there’s space to set up a food buffet line and enough seats for all guests to have a place to sit down. 

Send Invitations

Once you’ve chosen the location, you can send invitations to your staff. The invitation should include the venue with its address, but also the dates and times for the party. You might also include information on the dress code if that’s part of the planning for the event. Perhaps you want a formal affair or it’s an ugly sweater party. Be sure the invitation includes this information so everyone arrives appropriately dressed. 

Decide What Food and Drink Will Be Served

Will you offer snacks or a full meal, with drinks? This is part of your budget, so be sure you are clear about how much you will spend on food and beverages. This is also determined by the time of day. A dinnertime party means you should probably serve a meal. A mid-afternoon party could include just light snacks and a few drink options. You might also consider hosting a potluck so your staff can contribute their favorite holiday foods. 

Celebration Banquet Hall

Plan Entertainment

There are lots of options when it comes to keeping your guests entertained during the Christmas party. You might set up a photo booth for guests to get silly behind the camera. Perhaps you plan a gift exchange or a set of games to keep everyone engaged and having fun. That could be bingo or charades. You should also consider a musical playlist as background noise, and maybe even invite your guests to dance. Your holiday party is a once-in-a-year event and finding the right celebration banquet hall can make or break the entire party. For that reason, you can count on Vivaldi Venues to meet all of your Christmas needs. Contact us today to get started planning your soiree.