Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hall in Glendale

December 25, 2023by Vivaldi Venues

Becoming engaged is exciting, but now you must get down to business and start planning your big day. There are so many things to consider and one is choosing a wedding hall in Glendale, which can be an overwhelming process. Fortunately, by using the tips on this list you can find the perfect place for your nuptials. That way you are free to enjoy everything about your wedding day without worrying that the venue won’t live up to your dreams. 

Set a Budget for Your Wedding

Before you start looking at wedding venues, you need to decide how much you can spend. An affordable budget is important so that you don’t start your marriage in debt. Determine the amount you want to spend on your wedding, then allocate a certain percentage toward paying for the venue. That way you can set up walk-throughs only at locations that fit within your budget. 

Determine How Many People are Invited

You will want the wedding hall you choose to be large enough to accommodate your entire guest list, whether it’s casual drinks and snacks or a formal sit-down dinner. Make sure that the venue you choose has space for everyone to be comfortable, as well as to ensure that you don’t break any fire code regulations in terms of maximum capacity. 

Visit Each Wedding Hall in Glendale That’s On Your List

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, based on capacity and budget, you can pay each of them a visit. That way you can see the layout and the basic decor. This lets you decide if it fits with your wedding day vision. Make sure you find out about catering guidelines, bathrooms, parking, and access for guests with mobility issues. For out-of-town guests, consider the proximity to hotels or other lodgings. These factors will all play a role in finding the perfect place to host your wedding. 

Find Out What’s Included

When you consider a potential venue, find out what’s included in the cost. That way you aren’t surprised with the final bill when it comes. This could include tables and chairs, dishes for serving meals, catering, waitstaff and clean up. Other items you might want to ask about are linens, decorations, and external suppliers. Be aware of if any of these cost extra so you can factor them in when you make your final venue decision. 

Wedding Hall in Glendale

Think About Food

The layout of your venue will play a role in the ease of serving food. This will look different if you are planning a buffet versus having a sit-down meal. Consider how much space is needed to pass the food in either style and where everyone will sit while they eat. Keeping this in mind will make the entire event flow smoothly for you and your guests. Do you need the perfect wedding hall in Glendale? Vivaldi Venues is here to make your wedding day the most special day of your life. Contact us today to get started planning your dream wedding.