Choosing a Child-Friendly Wedding Hall in Glendale

May 13, 2024by Vivaldi Venues

Maybe you have children or you have guests with children who are special to you and you want them to be a part of your wedding. Having kids at your big celebration can certainly enhance the day and make it that much more memorable. However, you’ll definitely want to choose a wedding hall in Glendale that is child-friendly if the younger crowd is on your guest list. 

Tips to Choose A Wedding Hall Suitable for Your Needs 

  • Keep Safety in Mind When Choosing a Wedding Hall in Glendale
Wedding Hall in Glendale
Wedding Hall in Glendale

To ensure that the little ones stay safe, check out the venue to be sure they can enjoy the big day without the risk of getting lost or hurt. Some things to keep in mind are stairs and water features, which pose safety hazards to young kids. If these are part of the venue, take steps to keep them safe, such as the use of baby gates or other barriers. You will also want to consider keeping doors closed so little ones don’t go outside without anyone seeing them and be sure that food and alcohol are out of reach to prevent choking and other accidents. 

  • Find Room to Run and Play

Most kids are not going to be capable of sitting down through your entire ceremony and reception, so make sure you have a place for them to play that is safe and can be supervised by parents or other adults. Make sure the play space is free of safety hazards – cover electrical outlets, make sure there isn’t anything kids can trip over when they run around and put anything dangerous out of reach. Some couples hire a babysitter to watch over the kids during their wedding so the adults can enjoy themselves, so that’s another option to consider. 

  • Child-Sized Amenities

If there are going to be kids at your wedding, it makes sense to have amenities to accommodate them. That includes smaller toilets or diaper changing tables, as well as child-sized chairs and tables for eating. You might also consider stroller parking and high chairs if there will be babies and toddlers in attendance. If you think any kids might fall asleep during the wedding, make sure there’s a safe and quiet place for them to rest during the remaining festivities. You may also want to have a space for children to go with their parents if they are overwhelmed and overstimulated and need a break to cool down.

  • Child-Friendly Food

Most kids are picky and aren’t going to eat whatever you’re serving. Consider their preferences and have a child meal available that will appeal to the younger crowd. This saves money on wasted food and prevents hangry kids from throwing a temper tantrum during your first dance. For older kids, you may like having a dedicated kids table where they can be silly and have fun with each other but can still be supervised by the adults. 

Having kids at your wedding can be fun for everyone, but it requires finding the right wedding hall in Glendale to accommodate guests of all ages. Contact Vivaldi Venues today and book your space for kids and adults alike.