The 5 Most Important Features You Need in a Banquet Hall

November 15, 2023by Vivaldi Venues

A banquet hall is the perfect place to host a wedding, anniversary celebration, baby shower, retirement dinner, graduation, birthday party, or just about any celebration you’re planning. Part of the success of the event is choosing the right venue, but how do you know if it’s the best choice or not? No matter what celebration you are hosting, here are some features to look for when you tour venue options. 

Capacity and Size

Regulations restrict the number of people that can be seated and/or standing in most venues. For that reason, you want to find out how many people it can accommodate. Then you can be sure that the number of people on the guest list will fit. In addition to making sure you meet fire codes, you want to consider comfort. Too many people in a small space won’t be comfortable, but neither will a small crowd in a huge space. 

Location of the Banquet Hall

Obviously, location is important. Consider your guest list. Are the majority of them close by? You may not have the turnout you expect if you choose a location that is a long distance from home. At the same time, you want to be sure the venue is accessible and easy to find so that your guests aren’t getting lost looking for it. If you have guests who need special accommodations, be sure they are easy to get to and convenient to use. 

Functional and Attractive

As the event is being held inside the venue, be sure the place looks nice and is functional for your needs. You want to choose a place that is updated and clean, at the very least. It should also create a backdrop that works with your decor choices. Ask about tables and chairs – some places include them in the rental, while others don’t.


What amenities are you going to need? If you’re serving food and drink, will the flatware and tableware be provided? Are there hookups for beer kegs or a place to serve a buffet dinner? Can you choose on-site catering or does it need to be booked separately? And don’t forget to assess the bathroom situation! Find out where they are and how many. Nothing ruins a party faster than a long line to use the restroom. 

Banquet Hall

Renting a banquet hall doesn’t have to break the bank, though you should expect to include the rental as part of your celebration budget. Some experts suggest dedicating about 50 percent of your party budget to paying for the venue. Make sure you get a written breakdown of what’s included in the cost so that you can plan for any extras that you will need to arrange separately. 

Hosting a celebration is very exciting and can be quite fun, but you want to make sure you get the right banquet hall. If you need help arranging or finding a place, Vivaldi Venues is here for you. Contact us today and we’ll assist you in every way we can.