How To Plan A Fantastic Corporate Party at a Special Event Venue in Glendale

Planning a party takes a lot of time and effort, but really pays off when you throw an event that is a huge success. Corporate parties are one of a kind and can be tricky to plan since they are designed for people who work together. Corporate events might be a charity gala, an awards ceremony or a celebration of some kind. For any of these, finding the right special event venue in Glendale is a part of the process. 

Tips to plan the perfect event

  • Make a List

When you’re planning a corporate event, your list is going to be massively important. This is where you write down anything and everything that has to do with your event, including vendors, food and drink menus, guest lists, keynote speakers, dress code, entertainment and anything else that’s relevant. You should also include phone numbers, receipts and ideas on this list. 

  • Consider the Schedule

Your calendar is a vital part of planning your event. When you choose a date, be mindful of the schedule of your guest list and choose a time that generally works best for most people. That means avoiding planning the big day near a holiday or at a time when many people are away for vacation. You may also want to avoid big events, such as the Super Bowl, when people may decline your invitation because they already have plans. 

  • Find the Right Special Event Venue in Glendale

Your venue will play a big role in the success of your corporate event. For that reason, the one you choose necessitates careful thought and consideration. You definitely want to get your staff out of the office and somewhere that feels celebratory. At the same time, you need space for everyone on the guest list as well as room for dancing, a buffet table and any other entertainment that’s on the docket for the event. Decorations and ambiance are also important so make sure the space you choose gives off the right vibes for the event. 

  • Create an Alcohol Policy

As this is a work related event, it’s a good idea to have a policy in place regarding alcohol. This allows guests to enjoy the event but keeps it in the professional realm at the same time. An open bar at a corporate event probably isn’t the best idea. It might be better to give out drinks tickets or have a cash bar to keep guests from overdoing it and making it awkward when you go back to the office. 

  • Pay Attention to the Food

The menu can make or break your corporate event. Create a menu that caters to the tastes and dietary needs of your guests, but that is also memorable and delicious. A buffet is a great way to give everyone a taste of what they like best, but a served dinner stands out and makes the event special. Consider the reason for the event and choose a menu and food service method that matches. 

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