How To Determine the Right Size of Hall For Rent in Glendale For Your Wedding

If you’re getting married, chances are you’re on the hunt for the perfect hall for rent in Glendale. It’s true that the place you choose for your big day is pretty important. After all, it will be the backdrop to your memories and your photographs and will set the vibe for the event. One of the most important considerations when choosing where to host your wedding is finding a place that’s the right size. 

Tips to Hire The Right Hall for Your Even

  • Start with Your Guest List

Knowing how many invitations are going out is the most helpful way to determine how much space you need in your venue. Even if everyone doesn’t show up, it’s important to have a space that fits your entire list, just in case. And on top of that, you want your guests to be comfortable, so there should be ample room that prevents everyone from being stuffed into the space like sardines. Be sure you have a good RSVP system in place so you can keep track of who is coming and who isn’t.

  • Consider the Type of Event You Want

Are you going for a small, cozy affair or a formal sit down event? This influences how much space you need so be sure you have a good idea of the vibe and mood you want at your wedding. A casual celebration may not require the space that you’ll need for everyone to have a seat at the table for a 4-course meal. Think about the number of chairs you need for the ceremony and the reception, as well as the altar, tables, bar, buffet line and anything else that will require square footage. 

  • Make a Budget

The amount of money you are able to spend on your wedding plays a big role in the venue you choose. Based on what you plan to spend, look for venues that won’t break the bank. You can often save money on an all-inclusive hall that has a flat fee that includes amenities like tables and chairs, dishes, AV equipment and staff to set up and clean up. Some venues charge based on the number of attendees, while others charge based on the specific room or rooms you use. Make sure you know what you’re getting for the price you’re paying. 

  • Other Considerations When You Choose a Hall for Rent in Glendale

The number of attendees is important, but you also want to take into account the other aspects of the wedding that will set the atmosphere and are must-haves as you set up. That includes the cake table, the dance floor, the head table, a gift table, food stations, the bar, space for a DJ or band, etc. Make sure there’s room for everything that you want for your big day. 

Hall For Rent In GlendaleAre you ready to find the perfect hall for rent in Glendale for your wedding? Contact Vivaldi Venues today to make your reservation and we’ll help you host the celebration of your dreams.