The Only Guide You Need For Choosing The Best Wedding Hall in Glendale

June 25, 2024by Vivaldi Venues

If you’re looking for a wedding hall in Glendale, you are in the right place. This guide is created with the goal of helping couples determine what matters most to them on their big day, while also helping take care of the logistics of planning a wedding. If you want to host the wedding of the century, these helpful tips and tricks will show you the best place to get married and start your life together.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hall in Glendale

  • Set a Budget

Before you start looking at wedding halls, you should have an idea of what you can afford to spend. This way you can eliminate those that don’t fit within your budget and focus on those that do. Factor in the hall rental, as well as the food, drink, entertainment and other aspects of the big day to get a good number to work with. Keep in mind that unforeseen things can come up, so make sure there’s a bit of flexibility built into your budget. 

  • Check for Availability at a Wedding Hall in Glendale

If you’ve already chosen the date of your wedding, check the venue halls to see if they are booked yet for that day. You may find that “off days” have better availability. Weeknights and Sundays tend to be more open because most couples choose to get married on a Friday or Saturday. As a bonus, these off times are also typically less expensive to book. 

  • Consider Your Theme

Before you book a venue, have a look at the space and ensure that it will work with your wedding theme. Many couples choose a church for the ceremony, but keep in mind whether the reception will be casual or formal as you book the venue. For example, an urban farm makes sense for a laid back evening wedding, while a hotel ballroom makes more sense for a catered, sit down dinner. 

  • Check the Capacity

In addition to legal rules regarding how many people can be in one space, you want to make sure the venue can comfortably accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited. The capacity may be different for a sit-down dinner versus a buffet, but it pays to make sure there’s room for everyone before you make a reservation. 

  • Accessibility and Amenities

Accessibility is a huge consideration. You want to make sure there’s adequate parking for your guests or you hire a valet so they don’t have to walk a long distance. If any of your guests are in a wheelchair or otherwise need modifications, be sure they are in place at the venue. Bathrooms, a kitchen, audiovisual equipment, tables and chairs, serving staff, and a bar area are other amenities you will likely need. If you have out-of-town guests, consider hotel options that you can share with them ahead of time. 

Planning a wedding is a big job and can be both joyful and stressful. Let Vivaldi Venues take some of the work out of your hands by booking one of our premier wedding halls in Glendale. Contact us today to check availability and book your space.