9 Summer Wedding Trends You’ll See at the Best Venue Halls This Season

June 20, 2024by Vivaldi Venues

Venue halls are a fabulous choice for a wedding and many brides choose one for the space and amenities available. If you are planning a wedding, chances are you have some idea of what the trends are this year. If not, you are in the right place. Finding out what the hot trends are can help you incorporate the best of them into your wedding plans. Here’s what you might see this year. 

Top 9 Summer Wedding Trends to Look for in Venue Halls This Season

  • Sunrise Colors

If you envision a sunrise, you can see what colors are trending for weddings this year. This includes shades of pink, yellow, and orange. These colors are often paired with black and white and are a consideration for your color palette. 

  • Garden Vegetables

Brides have used pomegranates and figs as tablescape decor for many years in the past, but this year you can expect to see a garden bounty instead. Think tomatoes, zucchini, squash, garlic and cabbage. 

  • Over the Top Decor

Minimalism has had its moment to shine, but this summer you can see the opposite happening. Brides are opting for lots of color and pattern, particularly when it comes to decorating the wedding tables.

  • Carefully Planned After Parties

When the wedding and reception are over, bridal parties have been known to meet up at the bar and keep the party going. This year, this is a carefully planned aspect of the wedding, rather than an afterthought. Couples are now planning the after party, with its own theme, color palette, decor and more. 

  • Seasonal Food and Drink

Instead of the standard steak and shrimp dinner with a vegetarian pasta option, this summer is seeing more couples choosing a menu based on what’s in season. That goes for the meal, as well as the cocktails and desserts. 

  • Lots of Chrome

Shiny silver chrome is having its moment in the spotlight this summer, showing up in decor and dress. Brides are incorporating the silver hue into their gown, adding it to table decor and otherwise emphasizing the shine of the color all through their summer wedding. 

  • Greenhouse Weddings

The popular venue for summer weddings this year is a greenhouse, offering the feel of being outdoors with the protection of the indoors, in case of inclement weather. The glass and black iron sets a neutral backdrop for any wedding, another reason this is a popular choice.

  • Calla Lilies

This summer, expect to see lots of calla lilies in bridal bouquets. It’s in season this time of year and is a sophisticated choice that pairs well with a large variety of other blooms, including many others that are in season during the summer. 

  • Enjoyable Group Experiences

In some circles, a day-after brunch is a wedding tradition. However, couples are trying new options this year that are more fun for everyone. It might be a pool party, a cooking class, or a pickleball tournament this summer.

No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, our venue halls are sure to please. Contact Vivaldi Venues today to make arrangements for your summertime nuptials.